Why BalanceWorks?

Why BalanceWorks?

All human bodies are controlled by the laws of force and motion as we move through our daily lives. Standing, walking or running, our posture and gait-cycle (and most sport skills) are determined by the skeletal alignment and the bodily relationships of your feet, legs and hips. BalanceWorks is a study on these forces—how to measure, adjust and direct them for health and wellness in which staying active is the key ingredient.

Do you know how your feet are supposed to work? What makes the best fitting footwear? Who has one leg/hip lower/higher than the other side? Why do I have one ski that turns better than the other? If my shoes hurt what can I do? Call BalanceWorks with your questions — there is no fee or obligation… just personalized service.

David Goodspeed: Board Certified Pedorthist, Orthopedic Shoe Technician, Master Bootfitter, Professional Shoe Fitter

David Goodspeed has been a ski coach and instructor for over 25 years working with junior and adult athletes at the local, regional, and national levels. He was a founder/partner of Zero Gravity Skatepark and Cross-Training Camps. He is the owner of BalanceWorks and Lenoci’s.