3D Printed Footbeds

3D Printed Footbeds

What's the big deal?

Precision Accuracy. Truly, the MOST personalized footbeds to date. A 3D scan of your foot impression allows us to digitally design your insole within a millimeter of your foot shape.

Superior Materials. These footbeds are lighter, more durable, have greater shock absorbency than traditional, rigid insoles. Plus, NO CRACKING! 5 YEAR WARRANTY!

Comfort + Support. With 3D printing and digital design, we are able to provide the correct support without compromising comfort. The Holy Grail for footbeds!

Come see for yourself! Schedule your free foot evaluation today! 802-773-1543

The process is simple:

1. Schedule your free foot/shoe evaluation.

2. We’ll generate a 3D scan of your foot impression.

3. Pick out a shoe for use with the footbeds, or bring in your own.

4. Our certified pedorthist and 3D technician uses the scan to craft and print your custom footbeds.

Step into the age of personalized comfort + support with BalanceWorks!